Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soup Can Valentine Treats

Here are some fun little Valentine treats. This is not my original idea...I have seen it several different places.

Using a safety type can opener that doesn't leave any sharp a pop top soup can from the bottom. Empty contents,
wash and dry. Cover outside with decorative cardstock and decorate.
Fill with candy or little goodies and hot glue the bottom back in place.
If using pattern cardstock remember you have the can upside down so
be sure the pattern will be upright when you turn the can back over.
The receipient will wonder how you got the candy inside. ; )
To cover the top of the cans I cut a 3 inch circle from George and
Basic Shapes. Then punched a 1 inch hole for the tab with a circle
punch. I glued a Dove chocolate heart over the tab.

Hearts are cut from Doodlecharms at 3 inches.


  1. Super-cute! I wondered if this could be done with regular cans, too. I've only seen the little ones. TFS! :)

  2. I need to find those can openers :0

  3. Lori...yes, you can do it with any can that can be opened with a can opener. I think some just like to use the pop top so you can pop it open to get the goodies. ; )

    flowerdisco...I just got mine at Walmart. It is by Pyrex and looks a litte different than a regular can opener.

    Thank you ladies!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I like these :-) so cute. I will be making several for my favorite Valentines. I think the grandkid's will love them.


  5. I love it Lisa! They are adorable......I just love Valentine's Day!

  6. Too darn cute!
    I can see people amazed at your Maybe next year for my grkids

  7. That's a great idea! I would say I will have to try this.. but I"m about a zillion projects behind.. everytime you make something I want to try it! lol Why don't you just come visit and you can give me one on one lessons on BugJunkie Crafting! :) Those are really cute! I agree, we need to talk soon!

  8. Hey, is it just me or does your blog title say UG JUKIE?

  9. Cute Idea! thanks for sharing!


  10. I love this. Next year I am going to make my snowman soup in soup cans!

  11. What a fabulous idea for any gift (maybe an item of underwear for that special person).

    Christine x


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