Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vintage Angel Christmas Decor...

Who remembers plastic canvas? :)  I found this adorable, vintage looking angel while thrifting and couldn't pass her up.  Someone did a fabulous job creating her.  She can stand alone, but I'm thinking she's meant to top a Christmas tree.  I have a mini tree I put in the dining room so I'm thinking she might fit perfectly atop of it.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

From Outdated to Cute... Built In Message Center...

 I'm not sure I ever considered this window to be pretty, but when remodeling our kitchen back in 2013 I knew the nineties window had to go.  However, I didn't like the thought of leaving it completely open nor did I want to completely block it off.  Our patio door is on the other side so it lets light in and I can glance through the window to see out the door.  

 Then I thought of all the cute message centers on Pinterest...the ones made from picture frames.  Well...why not a built in one?!  That's when I knew chicken wire was my answer.  It would be a barrier, but not completely close it off ...not to mention cute! It also made the perfect roost for my cast iron rooster.  

Fortunately... I had a nice little grove that the glass set in.  I cut my chicken wire just a tad larger than needed and simply tucked the wire into the grove.  That's nails, no glue, no nothing!  Red is one of my accent colors so I gave the wire a quick pass of red spray paint and added some cute little clothes pins.

It's been 3 years and I'm still very happy with my decision to remove the outdated glass.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hiding Ugly Electric Cords Without Big Bulky Wraps...

I came across a beautiful vintage silver tea set.  This set me on a path to reworking my dining room decor.  More pics of all that coming soon, but for now... I needed to hide the ugly cords on my vintage milk glass lamps.

 I did not want a big bulky cord wrap, but rather wanted something that hugged the cord and was less noticeable.

 The idea quickly came to tie strips of cotton fabric to the cord rather than a one piece wrap.

Rather than leaving the tails longer... creating what looked like bows tied to the cord... I cut the tails really short to create almost a knot effect.  I love the clean, trimmed down look.  Such an easy and inexpensive way to hide those ugly cords.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


This blog is under construction!  It's time to bring my paper crafting blog up to date.  As my hobbies have evolved... I've let my blog go idle for the most part.  I think it's time to incorporate all my hobbies into one blog...paper crafting, salvaged treasures, recipes and life on the farm.  If you stop by and things seem really out of sorts...they probably are and will be until I get things all nice and pretty once again.  I hope to be up and going very soon so please stop back in and see what's new.