Sunday, January 29, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes ...

This belated birthday card was inspired by an Adorable turtle shaped card posted on the Cricut Message Board ... probably two years ago.  I decided to do a standard card and use pop dots to adhere turtle and give a little dimension.  Click picture to enlarge.  
   Card base is 5x7 inches.  Turtle is from the Cricut Walk in my Garden cartridge and cut at 4".  Party hat is from Birthday Bash and cut at 2".    Decorative corners are from a punch and embossed with the tiny bubbles embossing folder.
I was messing around with the Happy Birthday embossing folder and came up with this, lol.  Not how I normally do the inside of a card, but sometimes you just gotta be different. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cupcake Cards

I've been having fun with cupcakes! : )  

I made these cute little cards using the Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge and my Gypsy.

I embossed the frosting with the D'vine Swirls Cuttlebug folder and the candles with Swiss Dots.  

Monday, January 23, 2012


Just got off the phone with CS and I am Very Happy with the service I received. They did recognize the problem, but said it was not widespread and there had only been a few of us with this issue. It is within the machine and not the power supply. I am a rare and unfortunate case to have had so much trouble. They are standing behind their product 100% and sending me another machine. They could not have been any more helpful. I am not afraid of this machine, but will take a little extra precaution when I am not using it. It's not a big deal to unplug it just to be on the safe side.  I'm very happy and can't wait to get another machine. :) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


If you go to use your Imagine and it won't power up...check the power supply box on the electrical cord and see if the little green light is on.  If it is not please read this post.

NOTE:  I am not here to bash PC or the Imagine.  I am a very faithful PC supporter and own many of their products.  I have had much success with all, but the Imagine.  The problem I am having creates a potential fire hazard and does have me concerned.  This is nothing against PC and I just hope they stand behind their product as they have in the past (this is my 3rd imagine).

First Imagine Machine - Bought at launch and had for a few months.  Had used maybe a dozen times and all worked great.  Then went to use it and it would not power up.  Checked the electrical cord and saw the light was not on.  Assumed it was a defective cord and got PC to send me another.  The replacement cord would  not power up the machine and the machine began to smell hot like something was burning.  CS agreed it wasn't the cord, but a problem with the machine.  Went through the return process and got a new one on it's way.

Second Imagine - Seemed to work great.  Due to things going on I didn't have much time to craft, but did use it a handful of times.  Then one day I went to use it and there was no power and once again the power supply was not working. Note... both times this happened the machine was plugged into a surge protector.  Yes, I tried different power outlets to no avail.  Called CS and they were very good to work with me and told me I'm not the first one to have this problem.  Did the return process and got the 3rd imagine on the way.  

Third Imagine - Once again worked great.  Life still busy and not much time to craft so again it was used only a handful of times.  Also when I am not printing I use one of my other Cricuts to cut... trying to prolong the life of my imagine. :)  Last night I was cleaning my craft room so I know the power supply was working.  Went in there this morning and had no power to the room at all.  Checked the breaker box to our house and found it had tripped.  Reset it then noticed the power supply to the imagine was out.  Machine would not power up once again.  Very concerned if the breaker would not have tripped, what might have happened.  

I am really distraught as I have put a lot of money into this and at this point I have nothing but a bunch of cartridges and ink that I can't use. :(  Nothing against PC ...they just have some defects they need to figure out.  Customer service has been good up to now, so hopefully they will continue to stand behind their product.  If you are having similar issues and think it's the power cord...possibly it's the machine causing the cord to go out?

Friday, January 13, 2012


I got this wonderful island for Christmas from my sweet husband.  I needed something for the middle of my room, but I only had a limited amount of space to put it, yet I wanted it big enough for my embossing machine and folders on the top.  It ended up 16" x 16" and it's perfect.  I got the idea for this from the internet and modified it to my liking.
 It is perfect for misc. scrap supplies or just right for Cricut cartridges.  It will actually hold two cartridges deep... if you don't mind having a row of carts hidden behind.
 Perfect punch storage
 It keeps my embossing goodies close at hand as well as some of my cartridges.
 Hmmm...I think I need a few more punches to fill it up. ;)
The top makes the perfect embossing station...just as I had hoped.     One nice feature is ... it's on wheels so I can easily move it around.  It's the perfect addition to my little craft room. :)

 Now that I am getting my room like I want it I really think I need to get motivated to paint the walls.  I am in my son's old bedroom and it is the color of the Dallas Cowboys...not very girly or fun. :)  I've decided I want to go with a vintage / cottage look and feel.  I am really liking this color swatch that I found on Pinterest.  
I really like the creamy yellow, gray and aqua for the walls with a crisp white trim and cherry red accents.  What do you think?

I have been hunting the thrift stores looking for vintage decor and storage items.  No big finds...yet.  What I would really like, but not sure I have a good place for, is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling with a cute fabric shade.  I think it would be adorable.  I do want to make some cute little curtains and a chair cushion for my ladder back chair.  That's the fun's the painting that makes me go UGH!   If only I liked to paint and if only I was good at it.  Well that may be my project for this spring.  I know the end result would be well worth the work. :) 

EDIT:  I am getting a lot of questions as to where to get this.  My husband's little brother built mine, but there is someone selling a similar cart on ebay.  It is a tiny bit smaller and does not have the flat top for an embossing station, but you might be able to request it.  The ebay item # is 250956067915.  Hope this helps.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vintage Valentines

Valentine cards are fun cards to make...I think.  I especially love making vintage and story cards.  It's all about adding those extra little details that bring it to life.

This story card was made using the following Cricut cartridges:
DoodleCharms - mailbox (post is cut by hand),  letter in puppy's mouth & heart in birds mouth.
Kate's Kitchen - bird on mailbox
Everyday Paper Dolls - puppy

Vintage card using the heart from DoodleCharms 

Inside of card

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Inspired by all the cute memo boards and advent calendars on Pinterest, I just had to make one of my own.  

Mine is more for decoration rather than a true memo board or message center and I have it hanging in my craft room.

I bought an inexpensive cookie sheet from WM...spray painted...added some pretty paper, ribbon and a little cork.  All other embellies such as pen holder and flowers are attached with magnets so they can be moved around easily. 

I love the rosette magnet holding our pictures.  I think I am addicted to making them. :)  This was a fun project and I really want to make another one!