Friday, April 9, 2010

Chipboard Now Available...

For those interested I now have 12x12 sheets of chipboard available. This chipboard is what I think to be the perfect thickness for wordbooks, shape albums, faux chipboard letters and such. It is thick enough to be sturdy yet you can cut it with the normal Cricut blade. With a good blade you may not even have to use the multi cut feature or maybe multi cut 1. It cuts very clean and easy so it should not be hard on your machine. This chipboard also has a very smooth texture so it should be fairly easy on your Cricut mats. Some chipboard can be very fuzzy and make a mess of your mats, but not the case with this chipboard. Please note...To the best of my knowledge this chipboard is NOT acid free. I'm not even sure if they make an acid free chipboard? Since I cover it with cardstock it does not worry me, but I do want you to know in case you think different.

Edited to add...this chipboard measures .022 thickness.

Price & Shipping...The chipboard is .25 a sheet plus actual shipping. This is what I found on shipping......The large flat rate box is $14.50 and will hold 200 sheets of chipboard. The non flat rate box will hold 100 plus sheets and will be based on your zip code and the weight of the package.

EDIT...I just added a Paypal button for the chipboard. If you order 50 or more sheets it is cheaper to go flat rate. If anyone wants less...send me an email with your zip & how many sheets and I will get you a quote...

Disclaimer...this is only my opinion regarding this chipboard. I love it and it works great for me. Every Cricut machine and every blade seems to cut a little different. Know this is only what I've found in my own personal use. Again I want to remind you...I do not believe this chipboard is acid free. Please email me with any questions. Thanks!


  1. they do have some acid free chipboard. i have some chipboard mini album pieces in my Stampin Up catalog. Unfortunately, not any big pieces. I can send you a catalog.

    How thick is the chipboard and did you need the deep cut blade and housing? is it like the cereal boxes? Does it have a clay coating on one side? TFS!

  2. I will have my DH get the thickness and let you know, but I would say it's a little thicker than a cereal box...maybe like two cereal boxes. You do not need the deepcut blade. I cut it with a new regular blade and no multi cut and it cut clean except for in the corners of my image so I cut in one more time and it was perfect.

    I guess I am not familar with the clay coating, but no it's not coated, but just a smooth finish.HTH

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  4. I have some 12 X 12 acid free chipboard that is clay coated on one side it is .022 thickness. And if you are worried about it sticking to the mat put the white side down and it will come off clean. I got mine off ebay fron ckresale.

  5. ohhhh!! I cannot wait to get my chip board!!! It should be here Monday or Tuesday. Thank you so much. You rock, with all your creative ideas you are willing to share and now the chip board. Thanks.


  6. Got my chipboard and it works great. It is easy to cut but still very sturdy. Thanks Lisa.


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