Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pinterest ... Tried & True or Tried & Blue

Like many of you I am totally hooked on Pinterest.  It is a daily stop I make while having my morning coffee.  It inspires me from the craft room to the table and everywhere in between. :)  Today I finally started a new board that I've been meaning to do for sometime now.  Tried & True or Tried & Blue ... I plan to use this board to post the recipes I've tried and will or will not make again.

Mostly this board is for my own personal use.  You see I have hundreds of recipes posted to my recipe boards.  This poses one big problem ... it's hard to find a recipe without sifting through page upon page of recipes.  Sometimes you can't remember the name of the recipe or you forget about certain ones.  Unless you copy them all into your hand written recipe file of which I don't do... it can be almost impossible to find them once they're buried beneath hundreds of new pins.

So ... I now have a new board that will only include recipes I've made personally.  This will make it easier to keep track of my favorites without endless amounts of time spent searching.  I am also including my not so favorite recipes ... so I remember that I have tried it and for whatever reason probably won't make again.  I will try to include a very short word or two such as Amazing or as to why we liked or didn't like.  Of course this is only my opinion based off of my families likes or dislikes.  We tend to lean towards down home cooking and comfort food.  Recipes with basic ingredients and without a lot of fuss.  Remember we all have different tastes and I'm not responsible for a recipe I give rave or not so good reviews and you end up thinking I'm crazy, LOL.

If you have certain recipes you've been wondering about you can check my tried & true or tried & blue board HERE to see if it's listed.  If you've tried the same recipe and have a different opinion please feel free to leave a comment as to why you did or didn't like it.

Edit:  I am just getting started so it may be a few days before I get all the recipes onto this board.  I only have a few at the moment.        


  1. what a great idea! You are very kind to share this, thank you!!!!

  2. Thank you for the link!! I too am a big fan of Pinterest and have been both happy and horrified by my creations from that web page! :O) My daughter and I found this web site a while back and we laughed sooo hard when we went through each post and saw how people failed at pinterest crafts, cooking, sewing ideas... check it out, it's great for a laugh and maybe to pause before attempting something! heheh!


    1. Oh Yes ... I've been to that site, LOL!!! Gotta Love a Pinstrosity! :) Have you seen the "Nailed It" posts? They are hilarious, too!

  3. I've been meaning to do this and you've just prompted me to get started on my "completed projects" & tried foods boards. Thanks!


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