Sunday, November 11, 2012

Better Than Acrylic - Christmas Ornament

I know I did a snow globe project yesterday, but I decided a snow globe was the perfect die cut to show my latest technique... using the better than acrylic (BTA) material.  So what is this technique I think is so wonderful?  I figured out how to heat emboss on the BTA without melting it.  I'm shocked as I just knew it was not going to glad I gave it a try.  My mind is racing with ideas for the BTA and heat embossing. :)

Snow Globe Christmas Ornament
I Love how it looks like a real snow globe.  Since it maintains it's transparency...Santa is adhered behind the globe so it looks like it is snowing on him.  

 I Love how it looks like snow is really falling.  I know I already mentioned it snowing on Santa, but I just had to say it again. ;)
Close up...  As you can see ... the BTA didn't bubble, curl or melt away.  YAY!

In case you missed my first post regarding the BTA material... you can see it HERE.

More information on today's techniques and something that doesn't work very well:

1.  The best thing I have found to adhere to the BTA... that will not show through if applied correctly is Glossy Accents.  As long as you spread it out in a thin layer over the entire image... you will not be able to see it.  That's how I adhered the Santa to the globe and as you can see there are no glue lines. 

2.  I know I said you can use hot glue on the BTA and you can, BUT one of the things I glued yesterday ...I was able to pop right off today.  So not the best choice.  Also will not dry completely clear and will show glue lines.

3.  Heat Embossing ... things to know:

A.  I used a VersaMark pad and dabbed it over the area to be embossed.  Snow globe in this case.

B.  Then I sprinkled with embossing powder.  It is IMPORTANT to shake off as much of the excess powder as possible.  In this case... thinner is better.  If you have too much it will take too long to emboss and the BTA WILL MELT.

C.  When you apply the embossing gun... Do not hold it in one area until it is done.  The BTA will get too hot and start to curl and melt.  It is better to lightly hit an area for a few seconds... then move to another area.  Continue doing this until you've went over all of it.  Then you can go back over all of it again... for a few seconds at a time.  I went over my globe 3 to 4 times.

D.  If you think the BTA is getting too hot... turn off the heat embosser and let it cool down.  That's the good thing with heat embossing... you do not have to hurry.  Once the powder is sprinkled on you can take your time.  I turned my embosser off 2 or 3 times while doing the globe.

I will continue to experiment with heat embossing it and will let you know my results.

Another idea for this technique... a frosty glass window for the ever so popular window card.  You could frost the entire "glass" or make it look like the snow has gathered in the bottom corners.  Thinking I will have to try this.

How about some big frosty snowflakes for your favorite projects or to suspend from the ceiling to complete your holiday decor.

Possibly you could use colored embossing powder and create some big sparkly Christmas balls / ornaments.  There are lots of ornaments on various Cricut cartridges.

So many possibilities.  I would love to hear your ideas if you care to share? :)


  1. This is beautiful Lisa, I love it, this stuff is fantastic!!

  2. Oh wow! Lisa this is amazing!!! Who would have ever thought that you could heat emboss on the BTA?! I'm so glad that you are experimenting with it, I really love the texture and look of this! Beautiful card!

  3. Lisa, you are a one woman amazing test lab!!!! Your results are amazing. Each time, you make BTA even more of the new "must have" addition to our crafting supplies. Have you tried this in a punch yet? Was thinking how fabulous it might look on a paper gingerbread house as icicles. The MS grass punch would work and probably be to scale? Keep the tests coming!

  4. oh lisa, this is an awesome looking card and the bta makes it even more gorgeous!
    good luck with your sales.


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