Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun With My Sliding Barn Door Chalkboard...

As I was updating my chalkboard today... I started thinking of other options for it and ways to enjoy it.
One idea that I think is really fun is to omit the center quote and just personalize the cross pieces.  Then in place of the quote you can decorate with a cute little wreath like you would a regular door.  Change it out with the holidays and seasons.

Would make a great organizer for school activities and important dates.  There is enough clearance if you wanted to add a small photo clip just below the top keep lunch money, papers to be signed, etc.  Then simply close the door to hide any clutter.

Want a door with some bling?  You can add a door like this to a chalkboard.

So many pretty color to choose from!  Can be a base color to distress through a creamy white top coat or make your top coat a fun color.

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