Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Award - Thank You Sandi and Barb

I received this award from Sandi at and
Barb at
Be sure to check out their blogs. That was
very thoughtful of both of you. Thank you!

Now I must pass this on to 12
other wonderful blogs. I will post
them shortly.

The rules: Pass this award on to 12 of your favorite blogs.


  1. HI there, Lisa. I saw where you could not find the award on my blog. It is on the July 31st post. Go back and take a peek! It is the same award so that makes it easy! You can link Sandy and me and then chose your 12!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your work!! Barb

  2. Thanks so much Lisa for your kind award. It's been such a crazy week I haven't had a chance to post it. Hoping to do so today or tomorrow.

    Thanks again for thinking of me and for your kind words!
    Hugs & Happy Days!

  3. Thanks Lisa! I'm behind on passing mine out, but I've got a couple for you too! :P!

    And YES, the brad is the ITOP! You really do NEED THIS!!!!

  4. THank you Lisa for thinking of me...I have been busy with the kids..getting our last licks in at the beach before school starts in a few weeks...I will post it on my blog shortly and pass it on. Thanks again!

  5. can I ask a question...what do you use as a base for all the shape books you make.. do you use chip board than layer it?


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