Monday, March 22, 2010


I get many questions about my chipboard. My supplier can no longer get the chipboard I love. I am now working with a new supplier and have samples coming. If it meets my satisfaction I will be making it available to you. I will let you know something soon.


  1. Oooo...I would love to know which ones you like and work well in the Cricut! I got some 12 x 12 that ended up being too thick to cut with the deep blade. boo. I saw on another blog that she uses the WM poster board pack. When it is covered with paper, it is sturdy and clean looking...the edges are white. Off to try that while I wait for your discoveries!
    Thanks for sharing with us're such an asset to the scrappy world!!!

  2. Fabulous!! I would be one of the first to get it from you!! Thanks so much

  3. are any of these acid free? there is so much that goes into these projects.

    thanks :)

  4. That would be fantastic.....Thanks

  5. I used to buy mine from Ebay until ACM and J's started selling them in a pack. I really like how it cuts.

  6. i just recently found your blog, i love it. thank you for sharing with me. could you tell me what is the best stamp brand for ink to use on greeting cards.


  7. Have you ever tried using empty cereal boxes? I have been making mini scrapbooks for a while now with them and it works great! I also use them for "chipboard" lettering, flowers, etc.


  8. Thank you everyone for the tips on chipboard. I do not use cereal boxes as I like something a little sturdier. However, if it works for you then I think it's a great way to recycle.

    The chipboard I Have been trying is...Wonderful! I am waiting on boxes to come in so I can package and find the most cost effective way to ship. Flat rate vs by weight and how much will fit in a box, etc. As soon as I know I will make a post with all the details.


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