Monday, September 20, 2010

Cricut Imagine...First Project...Simple Card

Here it first project ever on the new Cricut Imagine.  I will be posting videos once I get better acquainted with this machine.  Although it is pretty simple to learn... it is way different than what I'm use to and going to take some time to really learn and hopefully get good with it.  Base card and background paper was not printed on the Imagine.

The printed oval image is from Nursery Tails and OMG, that is an Adorable cartridge!

Inside of card from Imagine More and the print only feature

My reviews after one project...

Love the ability to print and customize images...So Fun!

Stylus is plastic and nothing like the Gypsy stylus :(

Having issues with the mat not holding cardstock in place...had to wipe down with a baby wipe and then it held the cardstock.  If you print and cut... the cardstock must be stuck down good or when it goes from print to cut, it slides the cardstock off the mat as it goes under the bar to cut.
Have not figured out how to move images around on the mat, but sure hope this can be done or is in the update.

Overall I think this is going to be a great machine, but there is a definite learning curve.  I know PC will continue to do updates and make improvements so it can only get better...just like the Gypsy.  Right now I'm a little on pins and needles figuring it all out, BUT I am very excited about the possibilities!  I just need time to play, play, play. ;)  I will post more soon!


  1. Love the turtle card. The color choices look awesome. Can't wait to see more Imagine projects and videos.


  2. Great project. I too received mine and need time to play. Being able to move the figures around on the mat will be a later update. I am not sure when PC was able to discuss definite dates.

  3. I am sorry they were not able to discuss definite dates

  4. are the colors bright?

    I am happy you got one and can't wait until you show us more.

  5. Cute project! One thing that I use to make card stock stick to a non-new regular mat is by running a rubber brayer over the paper. That really seems to make it stick better than just my hands pressing down. :)

  6. flowerdisco...the colors seem to be more muted rather than bright. Not to say they won't have some brighter colors in the future?

    KimberlyO...Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks all for the comments!

  7. Great card!!! And thank for the info :)

  8. Awesome!! Can't wait to see what else you create!! :)

  9. I'm glad someone else is nervous. I got mine today and haven't taken it out of the box yet,lol!!! I didn't realize how wide it was so spent the day rearranging my craft room. It WILL come out of the box tomorrow. In the mean time, enjoy playing!!!

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  11. OMG, you have the big bad boy!! How cool is that!!!!!!! I know you will be posting fab projects for me and others. You will be # 1 enabler. PC needs to put you on the payroll. i know with your fab projects, an imagine is right around my corner. Great first job! !!

  12. I am having some of the same feelings! Mine arrived today and I have tried to cut a couple of things, it is different than my expression..Definate learning curve.. I cut out that same image too!


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