Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today is my aunt's surprise 80th birthday party.  Made her this quick card using the mailbox from Mickey & Friends Cricut cartridge.  A few handmade envies to fill it, a few Prima flowers and a little ribbon.  Super Easy!    

The colors look much better in person.  Must be the lighting, but the pink and green look off in the picture.  Yes, I did mess up on the corners too, but I figure she will never even notice, LOL!!  I tried doing dashes on the side and dots in the corners and it looked funny so I tried to turn my dots into dashes.  Maybe this is not a good day to craft, ha, ha! ;)  


  1. I sure do like those little dainty flowers. Isn't amazing how hard we are on ourselves when it comes to crafting? Your card looks great.


  2. So Cute!!...I love the little flowers an those envies are too cute :) Happy Birthday to your Aunt!!

  3. Love the little envelopes sticking out of the mailbox!!

  4. Very cute, happy b-day to your Aunt.

  5. that's a sweet and creative card...can I lift it? :0)

    PJ(Jessie Adams)


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