Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Card by Kara

I had to post Kara's card she made for a friend.  She does so much better than I with the Disney Characters.  I love the blingy sun and flowers.  Gives me hopes of spring. :) 

I will have a new mini album to post...very soon! ;)  Have a Great weekend, everyone!


  1. What a pretty card ! I can't wait to see your mini album !

    Have a great Valentine's weekend ;-)
    Maria Elena

  2. cute!! I love the sparkle..I can't wait for it to be spring..I love winter and all the snow, but I think its bout time for warm weather. :) TFS

  3. So beautiful! I love the tulips ;0). Have a blessed day!
    HUgs, Carol L

  4. hello is always nice to hear from you. kara's card is super pretty.

    hugs to you :)

  5. cute card!
    Glad to hear you have a new mini, I thought you had given up on minis it has been so long.
    Can't wait to see it.

  6. Kara did a great job. This is so cute.

  7. Pooh bear! I love Pooh, your card is soo cute!

  8. too cute....I like the way she did the tree, luv these little characters..I heard the disney images were very detail and hard to put this true??(thats why I didn't buy any disney carts)

  9. Cardchick...yes, they can be hard to layer together. I think Mickey is worse than Pooh. The larger you cut them the easier they are to do. There are lots of extras on the Disney carts so they are worth it, even if you don't cut the characters. ;)

    Thanks all...I will show your comments to Kara and she will be so happy!! :)


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