Friday, January 13, 2012


I got this wonderful island for Christmas from my sweet husband.  I needed something for the middle of my room, but I only had a limited amount of space to put it, yet I wanted it big enough for my embossing machine and folders on the top.  It ended up 16" x 16" and it's perfect.  I got the idea for this from the internet and modified it to my liking.
 It is perfect for misc. scrap supplies or just right for Cricut cartridges.  It will actually hold two cartridges deep... if you don't mind having a row of carts hidden behind.
 Perfect punch storage
 It keeps my embossing goodies close at hand as well as some of my cartridges.
 Hmmm...I think I need a few more punches to fill it up. ;)
The top makes the perfect embossing station...just as I had hoped.     One nice feature is ... it's on wheels so I can easily move it around.  It's the perfect addition to my little craft room. :)

 Now that I am getting my room like I want it I really think I need to get motivated to paint the walls.  I am in my son's old bedroom and it is the color of the Dallas Cowboys...not very girly or fun. :)  I've decided I want to go with a vintage / cottage look and feel.  I am really liking this color swatch that I found on Pinterest.  
I really like the creamy yellow, gray and aqua for the walls with a crisp white trim and cherry red accents.  What do you think?

I have been hunting the thrift stores looking for vintage decor and storage items.  No big finds...yet.  What I would really like, but not sure I have a good place for, is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling with a cute fabric shade.  I think it would be adorable.  I do want to make some cute little curtains and a chair cushion for my ladder back chair.  That's the fun's the painting that makes me go UGH!   If only I liked to paint and if only I was good at it.  Well that may be my project for this spring.  I know the end result would be well worth the work. :) 

EDIT:  I am getting a lot of questions as to where to get this.  My husband's little brother built mine, but there is someone selling a similar cart on ebay.  It is a tiny bit smaller and does not have the flat top for an embossing station, but you might be able to request it.  The ebay item # is 250956067915.  Hope this helps.  


  1. What a wonderful husband! Maybe you can get him and your son to paint the room too:)lol

  2. You're too funny, but it sure sounds good, LOL!

  3. Love those colors and your embossing/storage table looks awesome!!


  4. Love the paint colors you've picked. And the cart is great. Does it have open sides on both sides ?

  5. Hey K.Mac ... it is open on both sides. You could add doors or a curtain if you wanted, but it's easier to access with it open.

  6. What an awesome storage cart. Love it!

    Hope this year brings you loads of happiness!


  7. Oh Lisa, love this! I made an expandable island out of jetmax cubes and use it for my big shot. I do love your color palate! Mine is a buttery yellow and i have some red accents- well a clock. I love the entire color palate you showed there. Nice seeing you post and I love seeing you on Pinterest! We have similar taste ! Hugs, sweet girl!

  8. Do u know where I could get this?
    What a great hubby!

  9. Shirley.. MY DH little brother actually made mine. However, I saw the idea on the internet. Let me find a link to it and I will email it to you.

    Thanks Everyone!

  10. Shirley...sorry I don't have your email so I hope find this. :) It is on ebay and the item # is 250956067915. It is a little smaller and the top is a little different than mine, but similar. Hope this helps.

  11. Love the island/cart.I don't want to be too nosy but did your husband make it for you or he bought it? Where can I find one of this?

  12. When I finally turned my guest bedroom into my scrappin' space, I painted the walls yellow, white trim, made navy blue and white curtains and dust ruffle for the day bed (this was in gingham and the french scenery (can't think of name of that type of fabric)) and added red throw pillows. I love it and the yellow walls make it feel so bright and clean!
    Good Luck!

  13. Wow, this is grand. It is so perfect. So clean looking and everything fits great. I know you love it. Think Greg is a keeper. Lil' brother needs to go into business. Love the color palette you have chosen. It will work perfectly and be chic. The cherry accents will be a whopping pop to the room. Love it. Since it is winter and not a lot to do outdoors, perhaps you can convince the guys to paint. Keep us posted!

  14. Perfect! What a great island. Love the Hello Kitty Sizzix too!


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