Monday, August 20, 2012

New Arrival Explosion Box ... With a Cute Twist

This is a lost project ... meaning I started working on it about two years ago and got sidetracked before completing it.  It's suppose to be a babies  first home and the inside a nursery, but the inside was never finished.  I recently came across it and  decided to post it ... in it's unfinished glory ;)... so hopefully you could get inspired from the idea.  Click on pictures to enlarge.  Here it goes...

The twist is the cute little "flyover" as I like to call it.  An airplane flying overhead to welcome home the new baby.  Plane is from Cricut New Arrival.  Clouds are from Pooh & Friends.  I inserted small floral wires into the roof and attached the clouds and plane to the wires.  You can then bend them how you like.
 The wires cannot be seen from the underside of the lid as I created the roof and adhered it to a standard explosion box lid ... if that makes sense.  So the wires are hid between the top of the lid and the roof.  The wires do move around a bit, but a little hot glue might have taken care of it. Clouds are flocked in blue, then outlined with white Liquid Applique for added dimension.
 The box is a little beat up and the edges are somewhat bent. I seem to have trouble getting the edges to line up and stay perfectly flat, anyway. :/

 I used my Gypsy or DS one to create the nursery window.  I then added vellum for the "glass" and added decorative cardstock to complete the look.

WARNING...the inside is not done and leaves a LOT to be desired. But you can kind of see where I was going with it.  Needs a lot more color and detail.
  I got as far as a simple crib and rocking horse, but there is soooo much more you could do to make an adorable nursery.  

Ideas for other explosion boxes with cute little fly overs ... 
Halloween ... with a witch on her broom and a big moon...Christmas ... with Santa's sleigh and reindeer.  A tooth fairy would be cute, too.  Lots of possibilities.  Hopefully you have been inspired to create one.  I would love to see it if you do. :) 


  1. This is adorable! I love you ideas

  2. How adorable! Great job. I love it! ♥

  3. Wow! It looks wonderful. You are awesome!

  4. Super sweet. It is so cute. I'm glad you found it again and decided to post it.

  5. Awe...So Adorable!! I love all the pattern papers. Such a cute project :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  6. So cute! Love the plane flying over!

  7. Just lovely...but you are always so creative.
    Glad you dusted this off and posted it.
    Hope you finish it and show us.

    PJ(Jessie Adams)

  8. So cute. Glad you found and posted this lost project. As always. Love your work.

  9. Sometimes lost really ends up being found. Love it! Can't wait to see the updates! Beautiful as always!

  10. What a great idea for an explosion box. I really love that the roof is not just a flat box top and the fly over is genius! There are so many possibilities. Great job! I saw this on the Cricut blog and had to get more details. I'm glad I stopped by. I hope you'll visit my blog some time.

  11. As per usual, absolutely stunning!!!! Love it! TFS! :-)

    Hope you've been doin' well, my friend!! :-)

  12. OMGosh Lisa this is too cute even unfinished! You always have such great ideas and this one is so perfect!


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