Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cricut Designer's Calendar & Imagine More

A quick card I made using the maple leaf from Designer's Calendar and printing it with a pattern from Imagine More.  The flower in the middle is also from DC and printed with patterns from IM.

 I can't remember which magazine I was browsing through and saw a center piece that was a big maple leaf with a bouquet of flowers in the middle.  I wanted to recreate that in a card, but I made my flowers too big and was too tired to go back and redo them smaller.  So I made it a one flower in the middle card. :)  Some sewing around the edge of the mat would add a lot more so I may do another one and deck it out a little more. 


  1. I think this card is PERFECT, just as it is! Beautiful color choices!

  2. This leaf reminds me of something. Ummmmmm, oh I know:- our Canadian Maple Leaf. :-)

    It's beautiful!!! :-)


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