Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stampin' UP! RGB Codes

Here is a tip if you have a Stampin' UP! color coach...write the RGB (red, green blue) values on each swatch so you don't have to look them up each time you need them.  You also get a truer look at the color by using your color coach vs a computer screen.  My DD suggested this when she was using my Imagine and wanted a certain SU! color.  I thought it was a great idea.

I wrote them on the back of each card
Karin over at has a free downloadable file of all the SU! codes.  Thanks Karin for sharing this.  You can also Google RGB codes.


  1. Hi Lisa, if you go to my blog, you can download my RGB Colours Guide -- it's a 26-page document with RGB codes all the current SU colours, many of the older ones, all the Copic marker colours, a number of Bazzill colours and much more to come in future updates. I put it together for myself and am sharing it with anyone who would like to have it for free. Karin

  2. Great tip! Your daughter is going to have to start her own blog. She's always coming up with great tips and ideas! :) A chip off the old block.


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