Saturday, February 11, 2012

Picture Frame Message Board

Another Pinterest inspired project. :)
I found this glass picture frame at WM and liked the swirls on it.  Although any old picture frame will do.  If it's wood framed you can easily spray paint it to the color of choice.

  Insert decorative paper in place of a picture. I decided to do solid paper at the top and emboss with the Cuttlebug Love Language Hearts folder.  Then I created a pocket with the red heart paper.  The edge is punched with a MS Deep Edge Punch.

The little notes I put in the pocket were some I had left over from another project, but I decided they would work for now. :)  
 I found something I like better than Dry Erase Markers for writing my message ... Wet Erase Markers.  They dry almost instantly and are smudge proof.  To wipe off all you need is a damp napkin or cloth.  Wet Wipes work well too.  This makes it easy to change out your message as often as desired.  


  1. Lisa, you are so amazing. Just perfect!!!

  2. Cute frame. and thanks for the tip about the markers.

  3. Love it as usual all you ladies are so talented still waiting on it to rub off on me
    denise aka snuggs

  4. Great idea! Very cute! You can change it out with each holiday.


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