Monday, December 31, 2012

Paper Piecing Teddy - Valentine Layout

I am super excited to show you my latest layout.  You see...for months and months I've been ooohhhing and aaahhhing over all the ADORABLE paper piecing projects that are out there.  However, I only had the Cricut so I had no way to create them.  That is until my super thoughtful sweetie gave me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas.  And oh my... it is AMAZING!  It has opened up a whole new world of paper crafting.  Here is my first paper piecing layout and boy am I hooked. :)
   This cute little teddy and rock girl out fit are created from svg files from Treasure Box Designs.  You can visit them HERE.  All other cuts are from the Silhouette online store.  They are very similar to images found on various Cricut cartridges.
I can't say enough about how much fun I had doing this cute little teddy paper piecing.  One of the things I am most impressed with is how the Silhouette cuts such small details.  See the skull on the teddy's outfit...those cross bones and teeth are very small and slender.  It cut them Beautifully.  It even cut them perfect on my cheap black cardstock and that is Amazing!

Now you are probably wondering if I will continue to post projects made on the Cricut?  All I can say is...when I received my Silhouette...I had my mind set that I would utilize it along with my Cricut.  I planned to use what cartridges I already owned, but would not purchase new cartridges.  However, I am finding that I love the ease of cutting from files on my computer vs hunting for the right cut on a cartridge.  It is much easier and more time effective than I thought it would be.  For now...I will keep my Cricut and see how much I use it.  If I find that it never gets used I will probably sell it.  The good news is...with the exception of paper will be able to use your Cricut and cartridges to recreate most any project I do. :)


  1. That is the cutest!!! Lee-Ann :)
    I can't wait to get a cameo!!

  2. Totally adorable layout, the cameo is really an awesome machine, it's like a whole new world out there beyond the cricut, I love it!!

  3. So many people making the move to Silhouette. My husband and I share our office and he got tired of me being unhappy with my nonworking Imagine that he bought me the SD a few years ago and the next Christmas he bought me the Cameo when it was released. I have been so happy!!! I have never heard of anyone not being happy with their Silhouette. Congrats! This is a super cute layout!

  4. This layout is adorable. That teddy is so stinkin' cute. I am more and more convinced the Silhouette is the way to go for sure. Have you cut any of your BTA in it yet? So looking forward to seeing your posts, being excited about your products translates to super creativity when you craft. Happy New Year.

  5. Very cute layout! She is such a cute teddy. Great job!

  6. That is so lovely Lisa !!
    Happy new year to you and your family :)).

    Hugs Monique

  7. OMGosh Lisa this is soooo cute! And I'm so jealous that you got a Camo! lol But in a good way. I have too much invested with all my carts and such to give up my Cricut, but really want a Cameo. I'm also afraid that I will be too "dumb" to use the Cameo, but maybe someday...

    1. Brenda...I was just like you and thought it was going to be over my head. It's not nearly as hard to figure out as I thought it would be and I promise... if I can learn how to use it...Anyone can. :)

      Thank you everyone for the Sweet comments!

  8. Well Lisa I will keep this in mind as one day I hope to have a Cameo! lol But I might would have to "bug" you for help! lol Because by the time I get one you will be a pro. Have fun!!!

  9. Is is adorable!!!

    Love reading your thoughts on the Cameo. That's next for me too.


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