Monday, December 17, 2012

Sneak Peek...Clear Explosion Box...

Tutorial coming soon... Clear Explosion Box using Better Than Acrylic.  Of course it does not have to be an explosion box.  There are multiple ways to keep the sides from exploding.  I wonder if Washi tape would hold the four sides together???
There is no lid on the box in the picture, but I do have a lid for it.  For the picture I hot glued the corners together.  I kind of made a mess and got hot glue all over the BTA.  Along with all kinds of fuzzy bits of burlap.  In my tutorial I will include a few tips on keeping your BTA nice and clear and glue free. :)

I Love how the little tree with ribbon curls turned out.  Along with the pretty little gifts.  I will include all the details in the tutorial.  If you were giving this as a gift with a gift card you could adhere the burlap around the edges only to form a pocket to hold the gift card.  Then it would be a present under the tree. :) 

This would also be really cute with a fireplace and stockings.  Perhaps using a tea light as the fire and build the fireplace around it.  Wouldn't that make the perfect little holiday accent light?  I just might give it a try and see what I  can come up with.

FYI...the BTA did not split or crack when making the box.  It held up perfectly.  I think the trick is to fold by hand and not use a bone folder to make an extra tight crease.

I am going to put the ordering information for BTA in my sidebar shortly.  For now here are the details once again.

Better Than Acrylic - 12"x12" sheets

$2.45 per sheet with a 10 sheet minimum order

No handling fee's, but there is a $1.25 fee for the mailer that I had to purchase. 

I can ship USPS priority mail or Ups ground service.  I will be happy to quote both to get the best price possible.

If shipping USPS insurance is optional, but recommended.  It runs $1.85 for $50.00 worth of coverage and $2.35 for packages over $50.00.  I am not responsible for uninsured packages.

If you are interested email me at  Let me know how many sheets you would like.  Be sure to include your zip code and I will get you a quote.  TFL!   


  1. Really cute! Neat idea to make a clear one. Lee-Ann :)

  2. Oh I just love the box clear! Yes, a fireplace would be great with a tea light. Great idea. I am beginning to think this is the new and most versatile paper crafter's product!

  3. Oh Lisa I like this idea! I got some of this BTA for Christmas from Suzanne-aka Cricutcraftingrammie-I can't what to play with it. I hope you had an awesome Christmas with your family my friend!

  4. exciting!! That was so sweet of her to share. :) I would love your feedback once you have a chance to try it out. Enjoy!!

  5. I will give you some feed back once I decide what I want to make. lol


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