Monday, December 3, 2012

What Happens To Your Craft Room When ...

you go on a crafting spree and don't allow time to clean in between projects?  
It looks like this! :(
I promise... there is a table under all that mess!
No wonder I haven't been crafting the last few days... I can't take the mess!  Yikes!!
There are cartridges, overlays and handbooks all over the place.  With trying so many new crafting techniques I think I have every tool I own pulled out.  

Today was the day I decided to tackle my mess so I could get back to creating.  
It's not perfect, but it's much better. 

I've only been in this room a short while so my walls are still pretty bare. 

 This spring I plan to paint my window well and decorate it up a bit.
 My poor embellishment center... still waiting to be hung.   
This cute little wire shelf is from back in the day.  It's from Home Interiors and was an awful gold color.  Nothing a can of spray pain won't fix! :)

Now you know what I have been up to.  I hope to get some crafting time very soon.  I have so many things I want to do and try... using Better Than Acrylic.  More projects to follow.  TFL! 


  1. LMAO, so you are like the rest of us a "messy paper crafter". Hey, what craft isn't messy. As far as O am concerned, if it isn't messy, "it is not a craft worthy of my time". LOL Keep your amazing projects coming. I am dreaming BTA projects. :)

  2. Looks great. My looks like that when I'm crafting(the before pictures).

  3. I can relate!!! I've shuffled my stuff around three times already this holiday season...first for the new printer, then clearing a spot for a paper rack from a neighbor that hasn't come yet, and today to clear the way for the cable guy! whew. can't believe i've actually completed some holiday projects with all this!!!

  4. Oh Lisa I can so relate! My room is a mess now, and I need to get in there and clean up cause it is driving me crazy! There just hasn't been time, but I have a friend coming over on Friday, so now it HAS to get done. lol I love your room and I know you will have it spruced up in no time! I wish I had your floor!!! lol I love my room but too much windows and not enough wall space. I want to paint this winter, so we will see if it happens and then think it out before putting things back in. My room used to be a basement bedroom, but then DS wanted that room and moved all my stuff up and his down, so things kinda just to thrown in my "new" room. Now I want to organize it better and arrange it better. So keeping my fingers crossed that I can get her done!


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