Sunday, November 6, 2016

Decorative Ladder - Prayers Go Up...Blessings Come Down!

I must admit...I'm thrilled with how this little ladder turned out.   I've wanted a ladder for as long as I can remember, but never took the time to create one.  That is until a customer of mine requested that I create her a ladder with this quote.  I was thrilled to do so!! :)
Love the quote... it's absolutely perfect for a ladder!  Thank you, Estella!

Ladder measures 3' x 13.5" and can be hung or propped against the wall.  Ready to display as is or adorn for each season.

Another idea that I have, but haven't tried yet... is to hang ladder and place a 5x7 framed photo between each rung.  As a wife and mom... my family is at the top of my prayer list so it seems fitting to incorporate their photos into it. 

Ladder will be available for order in my Etsy, soon!  Will be happy to create in the colors of your decor.

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