Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Furniture Set from Reclaimed Lumber and Steel Pipe...

Furniture set made by my husband and his brothers and being donated to their sister's silent auction and soup supper.  It will be a raffle...$10 per ticket/6 for $50, for the set.  Anyone locally or that will travel for pick up and is interested...please let me know.  Also willing to ship at your expense.  Set includes... adjustable height coffee table and two matching side tables.

I Love the combination of industrial pipe and reclaimed lumber!
It's just gorgeous...the color and aging is amazing.  The markings, words and numbers printed into the wood make it even better,
 Here's a sampling of how you can decorate and tie it in with your decor.  

The height of the coffee table is adjustable.  It would make an awesome bar table in the basement.  It's beyond sturdy and can take whatever you dish out. :)  Coffee table height also makes a great bench!  So many ways to use it.

 Love the rusted metal accents that are in each table.  There's so much character in each piece.  What's not to love about it?! ;) 

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