Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Love the Mailman & My Dear Friend!! : )

I just have to share my excitment and say,
"Thank You" to a very dear friend for sending
me this Super Adorable Gypsy clutch. I Love the
colors and the pattern of the fabric. It is way too
Cute. Thank You Kathy! That was very sweet of you!

Now for the rest of my excitment of which you probably
already guessed...I finally caved and bought the Gypsy.
WhoooHooo! You all are the best enablers, EVER! LOL ; )

Thank you for letting me share my excitment
with you. I can't wait to get busy creating.

It's so stylish and trendy!!!


  1. OHHHH that is soooo cute! What a great gift!!!

  2. You got a GYPSY!!! Yay! I'm so excited for you! I love the clutch. What cute, cute fabric!!! I would like some paper like that!

  3. Nice gift! Looks so pretty! I would like to give same as this one to my dearest friend.

  4. Oh man, I am so jealous of that gypsy clutch you got as a gift! That looks so adorable and good! The most fashionable way to carry your NEW gypsy around! Hurrah for you :)

  5. Beautiful case for your new gypsy....you will love it. Have fun creating!


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